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Our Services

Below is a list of the services our organization offers. Should you have any questions or would like more information, please click the button to contact us!
A member of our team has worked as a mitigation specialist on numerous murder and felony cases, including high profile capital murder cases. They can assist the defense team with full mitigation investigations or strategies to determine strong mitigating factors, providing clients with the best possible defense. 
Court research, record retrieval and filing of court documents can be done to save you time and money. If necessary, our Team can also assist in getting an individual served with court documents.
Family Law
Investigations involving divorce, child custody, spousal support, child neglect or other instances that may arise.
Criminal Defense
We understand that every defense attorney and their team need support as they put together a strong case for their client. Our team has extensive experience working on criminal defense investigations, including gathering evidence, securing witnesses, reviewing reports, statements, and discovery, as well as all other related services. Our team has worked on both state and federal criminal defense investigations, including matters involving fraud, CSC, robbery, embezzlement, and murder.
Workers Comp
We can provide your business or agency with a thorough investigation into a claimant, determining if there is fraud, a misrepresentation of when or where the injury occurred, and/or if the subject is working while out collecting worker’s comp benefits.
We can help determine the claimant’s current activities, any full or part-time employment held since the date of loss, dependents, household income, health status, civil or criminal litigations, and any denied activity in an around the home. We will determine whether the claimant has filed any previous workers compensation claims and obtain a copy of the claimant’s driving history. If warranted, we can also conduct surveillance to further deduce his or her social, employment and recreational activities, and provide extensive documentation for litigation purposes. 
Our team can gather expert, physical, and medical evidence, review police reports, review other documentation and perform surveillance on concerned parties to uncover the truth. 
Accounts often change as parties that are involved are interviewed by the police or insurance investigators. We will investigate and determine who or what truly caused the incident.
Surveillance is used for a multitude of reasons and can be a key element in many types of cases. From illicit activity to tenancy fraud, Strategic investigators can implement surveillance to provide a full report, including photos, videos, and vehicle details giving you the evidence you need to take things further. Our investigators have countless hours of advanced experience in static, mobile, electronic, and counter surveillance techniques. 
Missing Persons
Locating individuals can be time consuming and extremely frustrating. Let us use our training and investigative tools to assist in finding the person that you are looking for. 
Our team is experienced in finding the records needed to assist with your investigation. 
Useful in personal injury cases, child support, divorce, business due diligence compliance, debt collection and hiring of potential employees.
These investigations are conducted to determine whether there are any historical facts that would interfere with an applicant's ability to perform the job, including violations of statutes, regulations, or laws prior to joining your company. 
We can provide detailed, personalized services for a corporation to help identify instances of fraud, abuse, or other internal misconduct. Our team will discover the root of the corporation’s problem so that it can be immediately addressed.
These investigations are conducted to determine whether there are any historical facts that would interfere with an applicant's ability to perform the job, including violations of statutes, regulations, or laws prior to joining your company. 
Identity Theft
Investigations of Identify Theft often require hours upon hours of determining what happened and how the problem can be fixed. Our investigators have training, knowledge, and the resources to track down the suspects in these extremely difficult cases and in gathering evidence to prove identity theft.  
Our investigators can provide you with an in-depth site assessment for your business, building or residence including best practices when dealing with a volatile situation. Let us help you with ideas and strategies that are proven to work. 
We offer training in self-defense, de-escalation, response to violence and work place violence, weapon retention, and other customized training options.
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